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The AAP was founded in 2021 with a mission to unite the world’s leading experts in the use of psychedelic medicine and to establish industry-spanning standards of ethics and safety best practices, as well as assist policymakers with creating science-based policy that benefits the public. 

The AAP seeks speakers from various medical, scientific, and industry backgrounds with a wealth of experience in psychedelic medicine, research, business, public relations, marketing, and drug policy reform.

As the scientific community continues to expand research into the medical use of psychedelic compounds, it will be critical for psychedelic medicine providers to have the tools, safety guidelines, and ethical know-how to treat patients with this powerful new class of medications properly. 

Our Mission

Furthermore, the AAP seeks to promote public understanding and knowledge regarding psychedelic medicines. In the United States alone, public opinion about the medical use of psychedelics has massively shifted. Over 70% of Americans support research into the medicinal capabilities of psychedelics, while 52% of individuals with depression are open to exploring psychedelics-based treatments for their conditions. 

With the shift in public opinion continuing to gain momentum, it will be critical for professionals to establish ethical practices and guidelines in what is sure to be a rapidly evolving industry. With that goal in mind, the AAP seeks to build connections and develop mutual safety standards and rules of engagement among medical providers, business owners, researchers, and government bodies. 


AAP Membership

Membership in the AAP is open to individuals or organizations directly or indirectly involved in advancing psychedelic medicine and research. This openness is a core part of the AAP’s platform. Being an inclusive, responsive, and globally-minded organization represents the AAP’s core beliefs that knowledge and change come from all walks of life. 


Upcoming Events

American Association of Psychedelics Inaugural Conference


Conference Topics Include

Responsible and Ethical Industry Growth
Ethical Provisions of Care and Support
Code of Ethics for the Psychedelic Treatment
Safety and Ethical Considerations in Psychedelics
Diversity and Inclusion of the Marginalized Population and Psychedelic Therapies
Psychedelic Harm Reduction in the Clinical Space
Vitamin Studies for Long COVID
Integrative Behavioral Health Models in Psychedelics
Effective Methods for Handling Adverse Patient Experiences
Integrating Medical and Behavioral Professionals
Trauma in Psychedelics
Pharmacology of Psychedelics
Addressing Co-Morbidities in the Psychedelic Space
Palliative Care