The American Association of Psychedelics

Our Mission

The American Association of Psychedelics is a leading organization in the evolution of psychedelic healthcare bringing best practices to medical and mental health specialists.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring evidenced based research, training, and services to the betterment of society.

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Our Core Values

Establishing Industry Best Practices for the Psychedelic Medicine Community

The establishment of science-backed industry guidelines for developing and deploying psychedelic medicines in safe and ethical ways.

Utilizing and sharing reliable, testable, and proven information to spread awareness and education regarding psychedelic medicine and its potential to reshape mental healthcare.

The belief that people from all walks of life can contribute to our understanding of psychedelics and psychedelic medicines.

Policy regarding psychedelic medicine should be driven by science, not politics, and should always be crafted in ways that most benefit the public.

About AAP

Created in 2021, the American Association of Psychedelics (AAP) founders have a straightforward mission in mind. Establish industry spanning ethical and safety standards for the emerging psychedelic medicine industry. As policies, available medicine, and treatment modalities continue to grow and evolve, it will be critical that medical professionals, business owners, industry leaders, and most importantly, patients have guidelines for care.  The need for such ethical and safety guidelines could not be more clear. Psychedelic medicines and psychedelic-assisted therapies are rapidly gaining approval and catching the attention of lawmakers and the public alike.